Historical Society Building Update

As one drives South down the Common going to Athol, they now view a gleaming white building facing them. It has been a long struggle since the scrapping started in January when two men started the process.Work was problematic at times because of the weather but those men worked when the weather was acceptable to work. When work reached the cupola it was found that there were problems that had to be addressed and were as best as could be. The windows were taken out and worked on and when the fire escape was looked at, it too had to be scrapped, painted. stairs fixed and a pad put down to place the stairs on. No pad existed, therefore the bottom step had settled into the ground and the stairway was pulling away from the building. The exit stairs were replaced and painted. When all is finished an accounting will be given to the state so we may receive the funds that were granted us for the project.

We have sent a letter to all the town’s people to ask for aid with this project and you most likely received yours already.The response has been wonderful and the membership. according to Mark Smith, treasurer, has increased to over 80. Preserving the history of Royalston and its citizens is important. Just don’t think of the 17/1800s but this preservation should be an ongoing project. Items and papers of the 1900/2000s are just as important to show who we are.

We are trying to put together an auction for the Fall so check things out and see if you have anything that would be good for an auction and contact Stef McClure to donate an item (978-249-8675). We will also be doing a supper on Sept 10th. Come join us.

Thank you again for all your support.

Peter J. Kraniak