Royalston Historical Society Meeting July 15, 2016

Meeting was called to order at 7:12 PM in the society building on The Common. 15 members and guests were present.

The April minutes were read. A motion was made to accept the minutes as read and approved by a unanimous vote.

Total paid out for work on the building so far has been $79,000.
Total cash on hand is $9000 plus.
Appeal mailings to date have brought in $5,000 and the Jazz Brunch $700 plus.
Currently 99 people are members of the society.
If all monies for grants come in then we will have $20,000
New membership reminders will go out in August
Mark Smith is moving and therefore will step down as treasurer and Susan Smith as Secretary. Therefore we need two new officers with knowledge of computers.

Pierre reminded us that the roof still needs to be done
The work that is being done now must be finished by June.
If not completed we will have to stop work as the funds to cover it will not be there ,
The roof was last replaced in 1981, We would need at least $25,ooo to do the roof.
The roofing will put us over the limit by which we would have to follow which is the ADA handicapped access law.
We have seen that the town has made a $38,000 profit from the post Office and we are not currently charging them rent.
Phil Leger said that handicap access is driven by the fact that we are a public building. Look at New salem.

Discussion ensued about photographing all the old buildings in town so that we have a record of them. Pierre suggests documenting all houses from 1900 on because we have documentation on others.

Uniquely Quabbin called to ask if there is anything to put in the magazine but nothing by the time of publication.
Beth : There is need for a committee for the town supper on Sept 10th which the ladies of the society agreed to take over.
Also would like to have a committee to do a walking tour of South Royalston.
The is a need to activate the Program Committee to plan programs for future meetings.
Meeting was Adjourned at7:40 and refreshments were served.
The Cd compiled by Boyd Estes on the floods and other activities was shown.The original could not be seen. This was only a small part of a larger picture of the past.The society has the old films.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Gospodarek
Sec, Pro-temp