Quarterly Meeting and Events

As was previously stated, Kathy Morris did a great talk and photo display on the weaving that took place in the Royalston area in the 1800s and the people involved in this occupation. Prior to the talk, a wonderful meal was served which was enjoyed by the people who took advantage of both the talk and meal.

The next event that was sponsored by the Historical Society was the annual Jazz Brunch which took place at the ballroom in The Maples, the home of Patience Bundshuh. An afternoon of music was festive and enjoyable as was the brunch that was set up for the attendees. This was started as a tribute to Jerry Chiasson who loved to play the drums and even at 95 years of age played with a band. He began his love affair with the drums during his time in the service in WWII. We hope to keep this tradition going. All the proceeds from these two functions benefit our restoration of the society building. One individual has been very generous to the society. To this person and to all who have been helping us preserve a piece of our history, a heartfelt thanks.

At our quarterly meeting on the 21st of April we voted to hire Hayden Roofing to do the next phase and that is a new roof which will be in place in early June. We are also going to obtain estimates for some more electrical work to be done. Unfortunately, upkeep will always be a need that will be there. Sometime before Thanksgiving we will send out another appeal. The founders of the society would be amazed at what it costs to maintain the building and would be proud of the work we are doing.

2018 will be the 75th anniversary of the founding of the society.

Some new photos will be found. One is of Rev. Lee the first minister in Royalston,another of Dr. Batcheller, who with his father, served the community for many years. They made Ripley’s Believe or Not. Then you will see the Estabrook House (courtesy of Jim Draper) which was dismantled in the 20th century. A view heading South going down Rt 68.(courtesy of Jim Draper and finally the Bartlett Store and home which was moved off The Common in 1874 to its position on Rt 68 (it is now yellow. Courtesy of Jim Draper). In its place, the Parsonage was built.