5 Year Restoration Project

  • To preserve Schoolhouse #1 for historical and civic purposes
  • To maintain and improve the museum for the care and
    preservation of objects and writings related to Royalston
  • Foster the educational value of the history of Royalston for
    present and future generations

What we’re doing

Phase 1: Structural renovations, Painting, Windows, etc.
Phase 2: Roof, Doors, Fire Escape, Site Work, etc.
Phase 3: New Interior Work, Climate Controlled, etc.

Your donation will be matched!

Total Project Expense: $150,000
Goal: $75,000
Amount raised to date: $20,000

All donations will be matched through a grant from the Massachusetts Preservation Projects.

You can also mail donations to: PO Box 23, Royalston, MA 01368